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Looking for Custom Logo Emboridery or Customized Sports Headbands, Athletic Wristbands, or Sport Socks manufacturer?

If you are looking for custom logo embroidery service or manufacturer of customized sports headbands, athletic wristbands, or sport socks for your team/school/company/sports event/give way, we can help. Custom logo or words on sport headbands, wristbands, and socks are great for sports teams of baseball, football, soccer, basketball, hiking, volleyball, ski, snowboard, softball, tennis, golf and more. Contact us to get custom logo emboridery on sports headbands, athletic wristbands, and sports socks. Custom logo or words service are also great idea for sports event, company's marketing event, or school fundrasing event. If you need us to manufacture your own design of sports headbands, wristband, or sport socks, we can help you too.

Our production capability for headbands, wristbands, and socks is 100,000 pc/month.

Wristband manufacturing factory

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Custom Logo Embroidery

Custom Logo Embroidery service is the service we embroider customers' logo or words on our sport headband, wristband, or socks. Customers are required to choose from our selection of sports headbands, athletic wristbands, and socks to embroider their custom logo or words on. Our custom logo size is usually 3.5 cm x 1 cm, and we can embroider custom logo size of 7 cm x 5 cm max.

Customized sport headband, athletic wristband, and socks

Customized sport headbands, athletic wristband, and sports socks service is the service that we manufacture a certain design of headband/wristband/sock that customers are looking for. Customers should send us a sample or an image of a certain design of sport headband, wristband, and socks for our reference. Customers shold also provide specifications for colors, sizes, and fiber contents. (Our headband and wristband are terry cloth headband & wristband)

New Socks machine single_cylinder 4 feeds machine

Single Cylinder 4 feeds machine gives us abilities to produce the largest variety of high quality sports socks. Please let us know if you need High Quality Sports Socks to be manufactured :)

custom logo colors Colors to choose from for custom logo emboridery and customized sports headbands, athletic wristbands & sport socks.

color samples

Please call us at tel number 562-787-0623 if you are in LA or Orange county in California to discuss how to customize your headband, wristband, and sports socks. Please prepare your sample for us if you are looking for a specific design/style of sport headband, athletic wristband, or sports socks. With your sample and our custom color samples, we can create best sports headbands, athletic wristbands, and sport socks for you. To get us manufacture, customize, and embroider your logo or words, please contact us at We manufacturer, customize, and custom-embroider kids & youth sizes (including baby) too.

We usually ask our customers to order at least 100 pc/pairs of custom logo embroidery headbands, wristbands, and sports socks in order for us to cover our costs.

If you are not in LA, California, please email us to email & attach your custom logo image file. If you need customized headband, wristband, or socks, please attach pictures of the item you are looking for. Please indicate the quantity of headband/wristband/sport socks that you need and by when.

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